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Dr. Gillian Silver

Dr. Gillian Silver Rodis, ABC, is an accomplished 2 integrated marketing communications and strategic planning professional. Her extensive experience spans corporate-level vice president and director positions for companies with both domestic and international operations, and she has nearly two decades in the higher education arena as a professor at the Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate level.

Dr. Silver Rodis achieved a Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership, and authored the nation’s first study on non-profit executive leadership. Further, she holds a Master’s degree in Management/Organizational Development, and a Bachelor’s in Mass Communications/Journalism.

Earning more than 200 writing, editing and project/campaign awards, Dr. Silver Rodis holds the prestigious Accredited Business Communicator designation from IABC.  She was named IABC’s “Communicator of the Year,” NAWBO’s “Woman of Distinction/Marketing,” and is a Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce’s “Community Achievement/Communications” recipient. Further, she is an inaugural inductee into the Nevada Women’s Chamber of Commerce Nevada Women’s Hall of Fame. Dr. Silver-Rodis has been recognized for her competency and student-oriented philosophy with educator excellence awards from numerous organizations including the College of Southern Nevada, Maricopa Community College, and the University of Phoenix.

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