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Faculty: Are you looking for new and innovative teaching tools to help improve your relationship with your students to serve their teaching needs?

Students: Are you looking for effective learning strategies to increase the effectiveness of your writing?

Let me offer the following books to help.

Technology That Tutors: 7 Ways to Save Time by Using the Blog as a Teaching Tool

This ebook offers faculty ways to use emerging technologies to more effectively teach their students.  The goal of this book is to demonstrate how a faculty can create their own blog and YouTube Channel to use as part of effective andragogy or teaching strategies to help all 3 types of learners have more effective learning experiences.  Let Dr. Cheryl Lentz shorten your learning curve and show you what amazing strategies await!

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Technology That Tutors
Effective Study Skills in 5 Simple Steps

This e-book offers 10 short chapters (2 pages ish) or vignettes that include how to create an effective writing strategy, how to create an effective research strategy, how to create your own editing checklist, and how to format in text citations and references in APA format.  After each chapter, there is a corresponding video for each lesson as well.

Journey Outside the Golden Palace

Why is finding good leaders such a difficult journey? Why do managers sit in their Golden Palace instead of getting out and meeting those within their Kingdom?  Let Dr. Lentz offer this workbook to help use a business allegory to understand why good leaders are so hard to find.  Available in perfect, spiral bound, as well as an ebook.  Terrific for introduction to leadership classes.

The Consumer Learner

Faculty, do you feel more like a Customer Service Agent instead of a professor?  Learn about the new consumer learner and their expectations as education enters a new paradigm shift.  Learn ways to understand the new expectations of transactional learning in the classroom.