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The Pensiero Press 2019
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How To Create An Easier, Simpler, More Profitable Business

Imagine this. Your business bursts with all the customers you want. They come more easily than in the past. You love working with them, and they love working with you. They pay…and on time! Your business isn’t overwhelming you or stressing you out. At least not most of the time. You have a plan for the business. It’s set up and running like a disciplined, slick engine of commerce. You have team tending to the details. You’re leading them, delivering your highest value to your business. You find yourself doing less of the do and more of the things really making a difference. You choose which clients you want to work with. You’re hitting your goals. You have time…make time…for family and friends. You take vacations, go to plays and have some time to exercise. You even have a little time just for yourself. You feel and are successful on your terms. Life feels pretty darn good.

You’ve just experienced Customertopia.

Customertopia creates those nearly perfect qualities we all want in our business, ones designed to reduce the problems most small business owners live with. It’s not a perfectly perfect place. Yet, as you build towards Customertopia, you’ll experience the improvements you’ve sought for yourself.

Customertopia creates the easier, simpler, more profitable business you want.

Join Martha Hanlon and Chris Williams as they show you precisely how to accelerate your business, one that is easier, simpler and more profitable.


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Martha Hanlon founded Wide Awake Business in 2004 with the desire to deliver to small businesses and family-owned companies the type of insights usually available only to large corporations.

Martha has an MBA from The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania and a B.S. from Duquesne University. She is a sought after writer, speaker and trainer…