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The Pensiero Press 2019
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Confessions of an Aging Beauty Queen

A few years ago, the director of a musical I was performing in thoroughly enjoyed hearing all of my behind-the-scenes stories from my 30+ year pageant history and she suggested that I write a book.  This is that book including a pictorial time capsule of my journey (both good and bad).  Confessions of an Aging Beauty Queen is an entertaining look into the behind the scenes action of the beauty pageant world.  In addition, the book includes invaluable tricks of the trade, interview skills and most importantly, what it takes to win that crown, as well offering insight into the responsibilities of a title holder AFTER the crown is placed on their head.

I wrote the book in a comic and casual style to make this a fun read for anyone, regardless of their pageant status.  The training guide is a MUST have for any contestant (of any age), full of empowering messages to guide you in your personal journey.

My hope is that my quirky personality comes across in my writing to inspire and teach you. I intentionally wrote this book in a style similar to two friends chatting it up over a cup of coffee, because let’s face it . . . coffee talk RULES!

I wish you the best in your quest for the crown.


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MONICA SKYLLING has been involved in the pageant/entertainment industry for over 30 years. Her extensive pageant background is what has inspired her to write her first book, Confessions of an Aging Beauty Queen. The trials and tribulations as well as behind the scenes action truly makes pageantry a world of its own. Through her words, everyone can now get a glimpse of the glitz, glamour and dedicated hard work that it takes to win that crown. Her modeling and acting credits range from various training and ad campaigns for United Airlines to being a St. Pauli Girl. Monica loves the stage and along with performing in several plays and musicals, she is also a graduate of Chicago’s Second City and has performed on the same stage that so many Saturday Night Live Alumni got their start. Her passion for pageantry is obvious and she has many titles under her belt. Her favorite would have to be Mrs. Illinois-America 1999 and later placing as 3rd Runner-Up to Mrs. America! She has also worked for many years as a pageant coach, judge and coordinator and doesn’t see herself stopping anytime soon. As well as acting and modeling, Monica currently works full time as a Flight Attendant for American Airlines and lives in the northern suburbs of Illinois with her family.
www.Instagram.com @MonicaSkylling
email: MonicaSkylling@gmail.com