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The Pensiero Press 2020
Number of Pages: 215

Wealth Inequality in America: Causes, Consequences, & Solutions

If you have wondered why prices for everything rise continuously, or why it now takes two people working full time to maintain the same lifestyle that one paycheck used to afford, or why the rich keep getting richer, and the poor, poorer, this book is a must read.

Wealth Inequality in America is an erudite and entertaining read, and explains in detail the mechanisms used by the wealthy and investing class to maintain, and increase their wealth year after year, decade after decade, and century after century. The somewhat arcane, often esoteric and complex world of central banking, money creation, and wealth transfer is simply, and brilliantly described in this thoughtful and provocative book written by Dr. Glenn.

The roots of how the United States, one of the world’s wealthiest countries, has the greatest wealth divide in its recorded history, with the top five percent of the country owning nearly all of the country’s assets, are laid bare with a deft and scholarly touch. As importantly, the book simply explains how money is created out of thin air resulting in inflation and the debasement of the currency, resulting always either in asset speculation or a rise in consumer prices, or both simultaneously.

The unequal distribution of wealth in America is looked at with a critical and discerning eye in the book, and the probable social unrest ultimately created by such an unequal economic playing field is discussed, along with possible solutions for reinvigorating our nation, and the middle class.

This book is call to action, as well as an extremely well crafted discussion of current day finance, economics, and politics. A must read for anyone interested in improving the U.S. economy and reviving our once great middle class.


James Glenn grew up in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area and
attended American University in Washington D.C. where he earned a
BSBA in finance.
Upon graduation from American University, he spent over 15 years
in the brokerage business as an investment adviser with Merrill Lynch,
Prudential-Bache securities, and others. He spent 10 years in the banking
business as a financial specialist, commercial lender, and underwriter for
Wachovia bank, among others.
He has worked since 2004 in academia, both as a full-time business
chair, full-time educator, curriculum developer, education consultant, dissertation
mentor, advising, teaching and mentoring students at the doctoral,
MBA, and undergraduate levels in business, finance, economics,
accounting, management, statistics, and research.
His education also includes a Doctorate in Finance from Nova Southeastern
University, Davie, Florida, and an MBA in finance from Palm
Beach Atlantic University, in West Palm Beach, Florida.
Dr. Glenn has been writing on financial, economic, and political
matters for over 20 years. He has written for numerous websites including
financialsense.com, and Retirement USA, and has been a keynote speaker
at George Washington University in Washington D.C. on financial and
economic subjects. Dr. Glenn has a keen interest in promoting and working
towards a more socially just and economically fair society.
He currently resides in Northern Virginia with his wife and two cats.