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Instagram Hustle
The Pensiero Press 2019
Number of Pages: 28

The Instagram Hustle

Join Allyese Goodwin as she shares her expertise about changing your social media mindset and building a community of engaged followers organically. The best way to do business is to build relationships first, the same applies to Instagram, or any social media platform. Before you begin your social media strategy, start by putting your energy where it will do the most good. The important thing is that, wherever you choose to maintain a presence, you keep your platform active with valuable, user-oriented content. If Instagram is that platform, then keep reading.


Allyese Goodwin, is a serial entrepreneur, international social media expert, and online visibility strategist.

Allyese has been featured in several media outlets including eWomen Network, East Side Magazine, TAAN TV, and Women’s Business Sense Network where she shares her best techniques to organically grow your social media presence, helping audiences to attract their dream clients and bring in consistent leads.

To reach Allyese for information on social media consulting or guest speaking, please visit her website: http://www.mariecreative.com

or e-mail: allyese@mariecreative.com