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Affordable Care vs Small Business


The Pensiero Press 2019
Number of Pages: 144

The Affordable Care Act vs Small Business: Entrepreneurs Surviving ACA

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is arguably one of the most beneficial legacies of former U.S. President Barrack Obama. However, the Act presented hardships within the healthcare setting, as well as within the business setting. This text responds to the questions raised concerning whether ACA’s good intent increased its adaptability in the healthcare and business professions to help advance the lives of Americans. As demonstrated herein, the ACA impacts both large and small businesses in their detached and work-related levels. The pertinent question is whether the increasing push by the Trump administration to have ACA repealed and replaced emanates from the interpretation and understanding by business. Worth noting is that the sources researched during the writing of this book suggest proprietors prefer the traditional method of healthcare coverage. However, different members of the U.S. Congress oppose and support the Act. The support and opposition to ACA seem to be along party lines, considering that majority Republicans oppose the Act while most Democrats support the Act. Changes are underway to repeal and replace ACA. Researchers indicated the Act affects small for-profit and non-profit organizations alike. This writing reveals how ACA massively impacts healthcare financial management. For instance, meeting the expanding consumer healthcare demand necessitates an increased rate of emerging ideas for universal healthcare. On this basis, this book includes recommendations of various strategies to help improve ACA rather than repealing the Act. Available on Amazon.com