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Who She Was…Who I Became

BJ Rosefeld

BJ Rosenfeld is a dynamic speaker, award-winning author and an internationally recognized family relationship coach with more than fifteen years experience empowering parents and adult children who want enviable relationships. 

From her early career as a teacher of French, Spanish and reading she has spent her life fostering the effective communication skills sorely needed in interpersonal relationships.

BJ’s decision to help parents develop unshakable relationships with their adult children came as the result of a very difficult experience in her own family. There was a time when she almost lost all connection with her older son. Afraid of losing him completely, she struggled to find the strategies that worked. Through trial and error, she found the strategies that worked and then made a commitment to share her tips with families worldwide. 

BJ’s expertise is extremely effective in the workplace where effective communication has a powerful impact on employee productivity. 

BJ is the author of the memoir The Chameleon in the Closet and the international best seller The Expert Success Solution, and the creator of the audio CD series 5 Secrets for Enviable Relationships for Parents and Adult Children. 

BJ is the owner of BJ Rosenfeld International, LLC, which specializes in effective communication in the home and the workplace. BJ is a dynamic speaker who captivates audiences with her message in presentations and workshops around the world.

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