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The Pensiero Press 2020
Number of Pages: 97

Bricks to Clicks: Best Practices to Transition From the Classroom to Online

Are you an educator having to transition to the online environment because of Covid19? This book was written to help . For many of the scholars in this book, we have been teaching in the online modality for decades. For those who have only taught in the world of brick and mortar, this may prove to be quite the challenge to make such a quick transition.

Take a breath. Know that we are here to be a resource to you. No need to reinvent the wheel.

Within this eBook, each author has put together their experiences that have worked best for them during years (for some—decades!) of online teaching. Together, we can continue to offer the best educational experience for our students who are also challenged with transitioning to online learning and other personal impacts the virus has affected. Remember, it takes a village to raise a child. For those of us in a position of expertise, please allow us the honor and privilege to share with you that which we know and are happy to share.


Cheryl Lentz

Dr. Cheryl Lentz is a prolific author known for her writings on The Golden Palace Theory of Management and refractive thinking.  Additional published works include her dissertation: Strategic Decision Making in Organizational Performance: A Quantitative Study of Employee InclusivenessThe Golden Palace Theory of ManagementJourney Outside the Golden PalaceThe Consumer Learner: Emerging Expectations of a Customer Service Mentality, and contributions to award winning series: The Refractive Thinker®: Anthology of Doctoral Learners , Volumes I-VII.