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Leading Organizational Sustainability

Zuhair Hasan, Ph.D., P.E.


Who She Was…Who I Became

Confessions of an Aging Beauty Queen: A Comedic Guide to Pageantry

They Answered the Call

They Answered the Call

#1 Amazon International Best Seller


Amazon #1 International Best Seller



The Consumer Learner: Anyone who has entered a college classroom in the last 5 years has recognized a clear transformation in the context of higher education. A dynamic revolution in practice and delivery is underway, and the implications of multi-faceted change are ripe for analysis.

Overall, Customertopia reached best selling status in 25 categories….#1 in 11 of those categories and Best Selling status in the following 5 countries:  US, UK, India, Netherlands, and Australia!  

They achieved #1 Best Selling (top 100) status within 5 hours of their launch, #1International Best Selling Status within 9 hours….and Best Selling Status in all 5 countries within 34 hours.


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The Affordable Care Act vs Small Business: Entrepreneurs Surviving ACA

Author: Dr. Ivan Salaberrios

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is arguably one of the most beneficial legacies of former U.S. President Barrack Obama. However, the Act presented hardships within the healthcare setting…

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CUSTOMERTOPIA: How To Create An Easier, Simpler, More Profitable Business

Author: Martha Hanlon & Chris Williams

Imagine this. Your business bursts with all the customers you want. They come more easily than in the past. You love working with them, and they love working with you. They pay…and on time!…

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I love reading the books from Pensiero Press. All of the content is engaging and from industry experts. So much knowledge can be learned from the authors.

From academic to industry experts, the Pensiero Press has it all. Great books and a tons of insights info various industries.

The little e-book we published year before last is being presented at the IACBE National Convention.  I presented it to the regional conference and they liked it so much they asked me to do a formal proposal to present at the national conference, which I accepted.

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